Ashley Park Frequently Asked Questions


Do homeowners have to join the HOA?
Yes, all homeowners that appear on the Deed of Trust automatically become a member of the Association upon the purchase of the home.


Does the HOA have a membership fee?
Yes, all homeowners must pay a monthly assessment, set by the Board of Directors, payable by check or direct deposit. The monthly assessment is $56. Please contact the property management company if you have questions.


May I attend the HOA Board meetings?
Yes, all homeowners are encouraged to attend the monthly Board meetings. If a homeowner would like to address the Board concerning a specific topic, he/she must contact the management company in writing ten (10) days prior to the meeting and request to be placed on the agenda.


I have a pool/spa and need to backwash/drain it. What are the HOA rules?
The Architectural Committee Rules and Guidelines state in part: "...Pools may not be backwashed into the drainage ditches, common landscaped areas, drainage-ways or streets. All backwash water is to be retained on the owner’s lot. ..." The City of Chandler also has pool draining requirements which must be followed (contact the city to inquire about rules). Homeowners who violate he Association's rules shall be held liable for any and all damages to Association property, including common area landscape.


How does the Association enforce HOA regulations?
The Association has a contract with a professional management company that performs a variety of responsibilities, such as collecting monthly assessments and overseeing the enforcement of regulations. For full details, see the Rules Enforcement Policy.


What should I do if I believe a homeowner is violating a HOA regulation?
Contact the HOA's management company, in writing, to report the violation. When possible, the information will be verified and action will be taken in accordance with Association policy. Report a Parking Violation.


What do I do if I wish to modify my property's exterior?
Complete an Architectural Submittal Form (Plan Submittal Form), attach all necessary supporting information, and send it to the HOA's management company. The Architectural Review Committee will review the request and follow up with the homeowner within one week. An Architectural Submittal Form is required if you plan to paint the exterior of your home (regardless of the color scheme desired).


Do I have to over seed my lawn with winter rye each year?
No, but lawns must be maintained and mowed in the winter.


How long can I visibly store my RV?
The Ashley Park CC&Rs state that vehicles may not be parked on the street. However, the HOA is aware that some homeowners have RVs and that they must be brought on the property for loading and unloading. These vehicles should never be on property for more than a few hours. Homeowners should notify the management company in advance when an RV will be on property to prevent violation letters and fines.